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Ideal standards against which to measure and compare the business. (Listed at top of each worksheet)

Occupational health and safety, environment and quality management objectives, defined and supported by effective systems and controls, clearly defined accountability and high quality reporting

What to do

Financial Management, Leadership and Strategy, Operations Management, Sales and Marketing, HRM, SHEQ. These sections are made up of sub headings or groups within a business function such as Financial Management or Human Resources. Each of these groupings contain a series of questions. These are only leading questions, i.e. prompts for your discussions. You do not have to ask these questions specifically. However you must be able to assess and score the group

Data entry

Enter your assessment of each area within the boxes outlined in blue. Complete the summary and recommendation sections at the bottom of the sheet. The assessment against each sub heading will be transferred to the Detailed Report (see DetailRep), while summary and recommendation data will also be transferred to the 2 page summary and Assessment Recommendation reports. The Mentor will use the Assessment information and Recommendations as the basis for Mentoring decisions and planning interventions. Therefore the Mentor is dependent on the quality of information you provide.


Enter a score. As a guide, a definition of scores for 1, 3 and 5 have been provided. These descriptions are customised for each group within the business function. You may enter a score of 1 o 5 using the definitions as a guide. These scores are reflected in graphs in the 2page summary report and the Assessment and Recommendations report.

Business Function: SHEQ

SHEQ Objective: Occupational health and safety, environment and quality management objectives, defined and supported by effective systems and controls, clearly defined accountability and high quality reporting

Business Sub-Function
Lead Questions

Health and Safety

  • Who is responsible for enforcing Health and Safety standards?
  • Is the office/workplace compliant with Health and Safety standards?
  • Are fire extinguishers available and functioning?
  • Have trained fire officers been appointed?
  • Is a medical kit available? Is there a trained first aid representative?
  • Is personal protection equipment (hardhats, boots, earplugs, overalls, safety glasses etc.) supplied to employees and visitors?
  • Are dangerous areas and/or machines clearly marked?
  • Are areas of significant heat, height, noise, light, smell etc. cleary marked?
  • Are hazardous chemicals controlled and locked away?
  • Is effluent or waste material treated as prescribed/regulated?
  • Is the business compliant with industrial standards/specifications and systems?
  • What health and wellness programmes do you have in place?


  • What insurances does the business have to cover employees and customers injuries and health hazards?

Quality Management

  • What quality standards do you have for your products / services?
  • What quality checks are performed on products / services? What are the critical control points in the production process?
  • Do you have written specifications for product / services? Do employees following the specifications?
  • Are you required to implement specific standards e.g. SABS, ISO? Are you required to be certified?
  • Do you offer warranties, guarantees on products/ services?

Business Location and Facilities

  • Is the location suitable for the business? Depending on the type of business, need to assess zoning classification, permits and certificates, accessibility and visibility, parking, safety, traffic flow and volumes etc.
  • Are basic facilities available e.g. parking, ablution, security?
  • Is there availability of local labour?
  • Is there sufficient storage to meet business needs?


  • What environmental laws and regulations apply to your business?
  • What environmental systems do you have in place?