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Ideal standards against which to measure and compare the business. (Listed at top of each worksheet)

Growing customer base. Reliable supply chain. Strong shareholder relations. Easy access to financial services. Strong community relations

What to do

Financial Management, Leadership and Strategy, Operations Management, Sales and Marketing, HRM, SHEQ. These sections are made up of sub headings or groups within a business function such as Financial Management or Human Resources. Each of these groupings contain a series of questions. These are only leading questions, i.e. prompts for your discussions. You do not have to ask these questions specifically. However you must be able to assess and score the group

Data entry

Enter your assessment of each area within the boxes outlined in blue. Complete the summary and recommendation sections at the bottom of the sheet. The assessment against each sub heading will be transferred to the Detailed Report (see DetailRep), while summary and recommendation data will also be transferred to the 2 page summary and Assessment Recommendation reports. The Mentor will use the Assessment information and Recommendations as the basis for Mentoring decisions and planning interventions. Therefore the Mentor is dependent on the quality of information you provide.


Enter a score. As a guide, a definition of scores for 1, 3 and 5 have been provided. These descriptions are customised for each group within the business function. You may enter a score of 1 o 5 using the definitions as a guide. These scores are reflected in graphs in the 2page summary report and the Assessment and Recommendations report.

Business Function: Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing Objective: Growing customer base. Reliable supply chain. Strong shareholder relations. Easy access to financial services. Strong community relations.

Business Sub-Function
Lead Questions

Marketing Strategy

  • Have you developed a marketing strategy / plan as part of your business plan?
  • Have you conducted any market research? How do you track trends and identify market opportunities for your business?
  • What were the findings of the market research, and did these findings lead to changes in areas of the business? What are the trends in the market regarding your industry, products / services?
  • Do you spend money on marketing and promotional activities? What are the planned activities and their objectives? Estimated spend / budget per annum?
  • Have any of the marketing activities had an impact on your business? How did you measure the impact?

Branding and Promotion

  • How do you promote your business' identity and brand?
  • In what way is this helping to distinguish your business from competition?

Target Market

  • Who is your target market? (Can the owner clearly identify the target market for their products / services?)
  • What is the overall estimated market demand for these products or services?
  • Is the size of the market for products and services limited or substantial? Why do you say that?


  • What products/ services does the business offer or supply?
  • Who are the key customers / target customers for each product / service?
  • What is the percentage contribution per product / service to the business' income?
  • What is the percentage contribution per customer for each product / service?
  • Are the sales revenue in each product / service growing, static or declining? Reason for change.
  • Do you have plans to change your current products / services? Why?


  • What factors do you consider in determining prices? What are your costing and pricing methods e.g. quality, size, demand, cost price plus margin
  • How have prices changed in the last year, five years? Why have prices changed?
  • Does your pricing fit in with the budgets and incomes of your intended market?
  • Do you offer discounts, credit or cash discounts? How do you determine the discounts?


  • How are sales leads generated? What sales channels do you use?
  • Are your lead times competitive/realistic?
  • Do you employ salespersons? How many? Are they full-time/part-time, temporary?
  • How do you determine sales targets for the business? Per salesperson?
  • What sales incentives and procedures exist to determining commissions?
  • Does the business sell products internationally?
  • Are sales impacted by seasons or other cycles? How do you manage sales during these cycles?
  • Are salespersons adequately trained in sales and product knowledge? Describe your training programmes.

Customer Relations

  • Are customers satisfied? How do you track customer satisfaction? Does the business have a customer feedback system in place?
  • Is your customer base increasing or decreasing?
  • Do you track how customers find you? Estimated percentage of referrals?
  • What is the estimated percentage of repeat v new customers?
  • How do you resolve customer disputes or complaints?

Distribution and Logistics

  • How do you get products / services to customers? Describe the process of despatching goods to customers
  • Any there challenges with the current distribution channel? What are the mitigation plans?
  • What is the percentage of on time delivery that the business is currently achieving?
  • How do you deal with returned products?