Assessment Tool

Enterpriseroom Business Assessment

This business tool is intended to assist you in the assessment of a small business. The tool is made up of several worksheets each names and colour codes. These worksheets group questions and information into specific business sections such as Compliance, Sales and Marketing, HR and so on. Each worksheet comprises questions to ask the business owner/entrepreneur - these are only leading questions, i.e. prompts for your discussion. You are not obliged to ask these specific questions, however, your discussion should be able to provide an assessment of the sub heading in which these questions are grouped. Your answers and scores are automatically transferred to the reporting templates.

What to do

These are details about the bsuiness such as name, address, phone number, type of bsuienss and so on. Some details are used in reports.

Data entry

Please enter data in the text areas outlined in blue. If you enter a 0 and this is dropped, please use ' immediately before the 0 in order to retain the 0. Data for this sheet will be used elsewhere in reports. Pease ensure your capture is accurate and consistent in font, small letter and capitals.

Business Profile