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Ideal standards against which to measure and compare the business. (Listed at top of each worksheet)

Optimal staff levels. Stable, skilled team. Strong labour relations. Effective systems and controls

What to do

Financial Management, Leadership and Strategy, Operations Management, Sales and Marketing, HRM, SHEQ. These sections are made up of sub headings or groups within a business function such as Financial Management or Human Resources. Each of these groupings contain a series of questions. These are only leading questions, i.e. prompts for your discussions. You do not have to ask these questions specifically. However you must be able to assess and score the group

Data entry

Enter your assessment of each area within the boxes outlined in blue. Complete the summary and recommendation sections at the bottom of the sheet. The assessment against each sub heading will be transferred to the Detailed Report (see DetailRep), while summary and recommendation data will also be transferred to the 2 page summary and Assessment Recommendation reports. The Mentor will use the Assessment information and Recommendations as the basis for Mentoring decisions and planning interventions. Therefore the Mentor is dependent on the quality of information you provide.


Enter a score. As a guide, a definition of scores for 1, 3 and 5 have been provided. These descriptions are customised for each group within the business function. You may enter a score of 1 o 5 using the definitions as a guide. These scores are reflected in graphs in the 2page summary report and the Assessment and Recommendations report.

Business Function: Human Resources Management

Human Resources Management Objective: Optimal staff levels. Stable, skilled team. Strong labour relations. Effective systems and controls.

Business Sub-Function
Lead Questions


  • How is the business organised? Do you have an organisation structure?
  • Have you shared the organisation structure with your employees?
  • What are the critical positions? Are they all filled by competent employees including management?
  • Where are the gaps in your structure?

Recruitment and Contracting

  • How do you recruit employees?
  • Does the business attract and retain employees easily? Comment on the rate of employee turnover over the past 12 months?
  • Do you have a recruitment and placement policy outlining recruitment procedures, remuneration, contracting etc.?
  • Do all employees have documented job descriptions?
  • Do all your employees have contract of employment?
  • Is there an induction process in place for new employees? If not, how do you inform new employees of company policies and procedures?
  • Where applicable, have you ensure that relevant work permits or Home Affairs documentation is in place for proposed expatriate staff?


  • Is the remuneration in line with industry norm or government guidelines?
  • Are there employee benefits in place?

Performance Management

  • What guidelines and procedures are in place to manage employee performance?
  • How do you manage employee performance? How often do you measure employee performance?

HR Policies

  • Which HR policies are in place e.g. Leave, Code of Conduct, Absenteeism, Overtime, Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Health and Safety, Employment Equity?

Training and Development

  • Are there internal or external training programmes that your employees participate in?
  • Is there a need for training programmes? Which programmes?

Labour and Industrial Relations

  • How would you describe the state of employee relations in your business?
  • Are there grievance procedures in place?
  • Are there disciplinary procedures in place?
  • Are employees aware of the grievance and disciplinary procedures?