Assessment Tool


Click on the Business Function you want to assess.

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Ideal standards against which to measure and compare the business. (Listed at top of each worksheet)

The efficient and effective management of money (funds) in such a manner as to accomplish the objectives of the organisation. Maintenance of proper accounting records and the use of accounting information to produce timely and accurate reports. Observation of best practice governance and business ethics. Best practice of accounting management and successful implementation of proper accounting systems.

There are two reports

Summary and Full Reports

  • Please click on Summary Report and enter your Executive Summary in the box under Summary
  • Please click on Detailed Report and see that the Executive Summary has been carried over to the Executive Summary on this sheet. Add more detail if you would like to
  • Save your Assessment as Business name_Assessment (Save as EXCEL_)
  • Click on Summary Report and name it as the Business name_Summary (Save it as a PDF)
  • Click on Detail Report and name it Business name_Detail (Save it as PDF)
  • Send the 3 documents to the Project Manager

Additional info

Please remember that the score and financial info in the template are dummy data.

When you look at the Summary and Detail reports, please check that all your data is in the space allocated. There have been some long paragraphs and you might just need to drag the row so the excel cell is big enough to contain the data. On the Detail Report you may have to drag the row to make the row height larger or smaller so that your report looks neat.